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Celebrating the original Singapore Sling's Centennial


Experiential Design

Large Format Print




Raffles Singapore | Hospitality


Create event branding for the 100th anniversary of the Singapore Sling and create exhibit-styled installations across the hotel to celebrate the 6-month long event.


Raise awareness of the Singapore Sling's origins, to build on Raffles Singapore's heritage story, while promoting Long Bar promotions and events for both local and international visitors.


Designed event branding and mapped out customer journey to enable the Client to effectively achieve their goals for the event. This was then translated to the large format print installations.

The famous gin-based cocktail is a Singaporean icon, and is now served internationally. However, few know of its origins. At the turn of 20th century, Bartender Mr. Ngiam Tong Boon made a delicious cocktail for the patrons of Raffle's Long Bar.

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, exhibit-styled installations were created throughout the hotel's grounds, raising awareness about the sling cocktail while doubling as wayfinding to direct patrons to the Long Bar in Cad's Alley. 


As the sole designer on this project, I worked closely with the Client and our contractors to install the various collaterals throughout the hotel.

For the event branding, watercolour illustrations were combined with art deco elements, to pay homage to the time in which the cocktail was created. This masthead was then adapted to collaterals such as exclusive party invitations, posters, directory signage, garden walkway posts, and murals.

The hotel is a low rise complex intertwined with gardens, restaurants and shops. There are several entrances open to the public. Based on the foot traffic, the installations were strategically placed to help direct both hotel patrons and members of the public to the Long Bar.

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